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Get to know the coaches

At Paragon, we have a diverse group of coaches from all different walks of life with a passion for CrossFit and one common goal, making a difference in your life.

Nate Taylor, Coach & Owner at CrossFit Paragon

Nate Taylor, Coach & Owner

Nate had always been competitive so when introduced to CrossFit in 2007, he never looked back! “This seemingly less superficial or organic approach to fitness is what grabbed my heart. I loved that there was a purpose to it all other than just changing how I looked. Initially, my aspirations were to improve speed, strength and everything it takes to be a better athlete. I still aim for the same but I’ve learned that chasing these goals simply makes me better at life.”
In 2008, Nate took a complete leap of faith and opened the 10th CrossFit in the state of Georgia…. CrossFit Paragon. Recognizing that group exercise was accessible at a number of different gyms, Nate has made it his goal each day to provide his members with the most knowledgeable staff in the business and to have more fun in class than ANY other gym around! Nate competed in the 2017 CrossFit Games and continues to spread his passion for a purpose driven fitness and living a better life everyday one workout, one person at a time.

Credentials ...

• CrossFit Level II
• CrossFit Bergner Olympic Lifting
• CrossFit Gymnastics
• Carl Paoli Gymnastics
• International Sports Medicine Association
• EMT-B/ G-Paramedic TC
• 2nd Degree Black Belt KB Taekwondo
• USCF cat-2

Maryam Tabassian, Coach

Maryam found her passion for fitness in her late thirties. In search for a solution to address the fatigue from the physical demands of her profession as a general dentist, Maryam found Crossfit. Simply after one month, there was no turning back.

“Crossfit truly changed my life. Having a caring, knowledgeable, and inspiring coach as well as a community to motivate me, and hold me accountable everyday was what got me hooked on Crossfit. Now this is my opportunity to give back and to make a positive lasting impact on other people’s lives. Fitness truly is a journey and a privilege for all to enjoy.”

Credentials ...

• Crossfit Level II
• Crossfit Olympic Lifting
• Crossfit Gymnastics
• Carl Paoli Gymnastics
• OPEX Program Design
• OPEX Nutrition
• OPEX Life Coaching
• CPR Certified

Maryam Tabassian, CrossFit Paragon Coach
Brian Merrell, CFP Coach

Brian Merrell, Coach

As a former collegiate athlete, Brian has “Worked Out” for most of his life. It wasn’t till he found Crossfit in 2012 that fitness became FUN! “Using fitness as a way to stay active, mobile, and energetic has really made a difference in my life! The social aspect of walking into the gym each day, has been an added bonus!!” When Brian is not at the gym he enjoys playing and watching almost every sport imaginable, College Football being the most important.

My Main goal as a Coach is to help people achieve their fitness goals, learn proper technique, be safe, and most importantly HAVE FUN!! “

Credentials ...

• CrossFit Level I

Quentin Curry, Coach

As a former EMT, Quentin has always had the desire to help others, but he knew he needed to be stronger to be effective at his job. After trying many forms of exercise, he stumbled upon CrossFit and with consistency, not only did his strength grow, his desire to help others grew even more. About a year later, he found himself sitting in a gym getting his L-1 and subsequently L-2. He knew that learning more about CrossFit would help him impact the lives of others on a higher level.
“My passions are learning and sharing that knowledge to help people become better. The community is what drives CrossFit. It’s an honor to share my knowledge and be a part of helping it grow.”

Credentials ...

• CrossFit Level II

Quentin Curry, CrossFit Paragon Coach